Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.3 No.2 (1952)

Table of Contents

Reports on Chikuho Clay and “Bota”, Produced in Chikuho Coal Field Makoto MURAOKA and Mitsuo TANEMURA (57-70) 03-02_01.pdf(1,231KB)
Ore Deposits of Sulpher and Pyrite at the Nishiyama-Omyozin District, Iwate Prefecture Norihisa HAYAKAWA (71-77) 03-02_02.pdf(962KB)
Variation of Crystal Habit of Pyrite at Kanbe Sericite Deposit Ichiro SUNAGAWA (77-88) 03-02_03.pdf(1,199KB)
[ Prompt report ]
Preliminary Report on Iron Sulphide Deposit at the Kusu Mine, Oita Prefecture
Tadao HAMACHI (89-93) 03-02_04.pdf(586KB)
[ Prompt report ]
Molybdenite Deposits at Daito Mine, Toyama Prefecture
Toru KIKUCHI and Hideo OTSU (93-95) 03-02_05.pdf(347KB)
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Preliminary Report of Geologic Survey at the Nokanan District in Ishikari Coal Field, Hokkaido
Hideho SAWATA and Teruo KOJIMA (95-101) 03-02_06.pdf(852KB)
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Report of the Geophysical Prospecting at Yuryo Mine, Ehime Prefecture
Junji SUYAMA, Tomosaburo SAITO and Mitsusuke SUGIYAMA (101-106) 03-02_07.pdf(437KB)
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Isogal Map of Western Area in Tohoku Region (Part I)
Geophysical Exploration Department (107-108) 03-02_08.pdf(138KB)
Correction of Text 03-02_09.pdf(85KB)