Active Fault and Paleoearthquake Researches No. 12 (2012)

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Top: Tsunami boulders scattered in front of Hashigui-iwa, Kushimoto, Wakayama Prefecture

Hashigui-iwa is a structural denudated rock composed of volcanic dike, and it is inferred that the boulders in front of the dike rock were scattered by tsunami associated with large earthquakes along the Nankai Trough.

Bottom: Scenery of construction of the Niihama-Kuroshima observation station

AIST is constructing integrated groundwater observation stations for predicting the Tonankai and Nankai earthquakes since 2006. This photograph shows a scenery of constructing the Niihama-Kuroshima observation station in Niihama city, Ehime prefecture. (Photo: Tsutomu Sato)