Active Fault and Paleoearthquake Researches No. 11 (2011)

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Surface rupture along the Idosawa fault associated with the 11 April Fukushima Hamadori earthquake (Fukushima-ken Hamadori no Jishin)

On 11 April a large inland earthquake (M 7.0) with normal faulting mechanism occurred in the Fukushima Hamadori district where seismic activity has increased significantly after the devastating Tohoku-Oki earthquake of 11 March 2011. The earthquake generated distinct normal faulting surface ruptures along the Idosawa and Yunotake faults. The photograph shows the surface rupture along the Idosawa fault (Shionohira fault) that offsets asphalt-paved road 2.2 m vertically at south of Shionohira, Tabito Town, Iwaki City, which is the maximum vertical offset on the entire surface ruptures (viewed from the west).