GSJ-MTA international cooperative research on the Anatolian paleoseismicity

Authors: Toshihiko Sugai#, Omer Emre*, Tamer Y. Duman*, Ismail Kuscu* and Toshikazu Yoshioka (# since 1999 Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo, * MTA General Directorate, Ankara, Turkey)

Abstract: One of the most useful tools in earthquake prediction is the study of paleoearthquakes, i.e. paleoseismology. Like Japan, Turkey has one of the longest history and highest seismicity in the world. The North Anatolian fault is most active strike-slip fault system in Turkey. Excavation of coseismic fault ruptures along NAF combined with long recorded histories of earthquakes gives us invaluable opportunity to evaluate exact timing, surface rupture length and magnitude of individual paleoearthquakes, which are essential for earthquake prediction and seismic hazard assessment.