Cover and Back cover


Photographs and log of trench wall of the Midorikawa fault zone, Kumamoto Prefecture.

(a) Uninterpreted photomosaic, (b) interpreted photomosaic, and (c) log of the west wall of a trench crossing the Kamano II fault at Kariya, Yamato Town. Multiple normal faults that deform the Late Pleistocene to Holocene strata were exposed on the trench wall. For details, see Maruyama et al. (pp. 33-52 of this issue).

Back cover:

A case study of application of the borehole camera imaging to a borehole in the unconsolidated sediments.

The borehole camera imaging technique was tried to apply in soft sediments near the Oubaku Fault, Kyoto City, central Honshu. The borehole camera imaging technique has been used on the hard rocks, but not been applied to the unconsolidated sediments. This cover photo shows the potential of the borehole camera technique for unconsolidated deposits.