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Seismic reflection section across the Shiroko-Noma fault with columnar sections of cored sediment samples.

(a) Cross section obtained by high-resolution reflection survey by using SES2000.
(b) Cross section obtained by multichannel seismic reflection survey. For details, see Sato et al. (pp. 93-114 of this issue).

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Geological cross-section across the Nishine-juzoku fault, a northern segment of the Shizukuishi-Bonchi–Seien–fault zone, Iwate Prefecture, based on outcrop investigation and boring survey

Vertical displacement of the Nishine-juzoku fault on the left bank of the Kakkonda River in the northern part of the Shizukuishi–Bonchi–Seien fault zone was estimated from the geological cross-section created by outcrop and boring surveys, and the average slip rate of the fault was calculated using the fission-track and K–Ar dating of the deformed strata. For details, refer to Maruyama et al. in this issue (pp. 1 – 58). This survey was conducted as a part of the “Research Project for Advanced and Efficient Long-term Evaluation of Active Faults” commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in 2020 FY.