Reports, Geological Survey of Japan(1995)

Table of contents

No.282 Research on exploration methods for fractured-type geothermal reservoirs Miyazaki Teruki and Ito Hisao (Ed.)
Historical background and present states of the research project on exploration methods for fractured-type geothermal reservoirs Miyazaki Teruki, Kawamura Masayori, Ito Hisao, Sasada Masakatsu and Tsu Hiroji
Two-dimensional inversion and interpretation of magnetotelluric data in the Sumikawa geothermal field, Japan Uchida Toshihiro and Mitsuhata Yuji
Geoelectomagnetic survey in the Minamikayabe geothermal field, Hokkaido Mitsuhata Yuji and Uchida Toshihiro
Airborne electromagnetic survey in the Minamikayabe area, Hokkaido Murakami Yutaka, Okubo Yasukuni and Kawamura Masayori
High density gravity and magnetic survey to constrain tectonic structures Okubo Yasukuni and Yokota Toshiyuki
Problems on processing of seismic reflection data including a low velocity layer with largely thickness – An example from The Tanna Basin survey – Kano Naomi and Yamaguchi Kazuo
Re-processing of seismic reflection data in the Kakkonda geothermal field, Japan – Survey lines in the uneven mountainous area – Yamaguchi Kazuo, Kano Naomi and Miyazaki Shin'ichi
Simulation of the wave propagation around a fracture Kikuchi Tsuneo
Development of multi-level digital borehole seismometer system Ito Hisao, Kuwahara Yasuto, Ohminato Takao, Nakao Shinsuke and Kiguchi Tsutomu
Fracture parameters derived from P- and S-wave velocities by VSP – Comparison of the results in Tazawako-machi and Tanna, Japan – Kuwahara Yasuto, Ito Hisao, Ohminato Takao, Nakao Shinsuke and Kiguchi Tsutomu
Shear wave generation from P type source due to irregular topography at the surface Ohminato Takao, Ito Hisao, Nakao Shinsuke, Miyazaki Teruki, Kuwahara Yasuto and Kiguchi Tsutomu
Evaluation of permeable fractures from multi-offset hydrophone VSP data Kiguchi Tsutomu, Ito Hisao, Kuwahara Yasuto, Nakao Shinsuke and Ohminato Takao
Analysis and application of seismic traveltime tomography Yokota Toshiyuki, Rokugawa Shuichi, Okubo Yasukuni, Matsushima Jun, Miyazaki Teruki and Ashida Yuzuru
Microearthquake prospecting in the fractured-type geothermal reservoir Tosha Toshiyuki, Sugihara Mitsuhiko and Nishi Yuji
Study of physical properties of rock containing cracks and joints Nishizawa Osamu, Kuwahara Yasuto, Nakano Tsukasa and Yasukawa Kasumi
Development of a borehole televiewer digital data acquisition system and fracture system observed in the Tannna Basin Ito Hisao
Temperature distribution along a geothermal well measured with an optical fiber sensor Matsushima Nobuo, Sakaguchi Keiichi, Nakao Shinsuke, Yano Yusaku, Ishido Tsuneo and Kawamura Masayori
Fracture system analysis of drillcore samples – An example in "Waita area", Central Kyushu, Japan – Mizugaki Keiko
Analysis of the pressure transient tests and inferred fracture characteristics at the Yutsubo field, Central Kyushu, Japan Nakao Shinsuke, Yano Yusaku, Kikuchi Tsuneo, Matsushima Nobuo and Ishido Tsuneo
Study on fractured reservoir simulation Yano Yusaku, Nakao Shinsuke and Ishido Tsuneo
Development of common use data management system for geothermal reseaach Nishi Yuji and Yano Yusaku