Reports, Geological Survey of Japan(1994)

Table of contents

No.280 Research on the gravity data analysis and imaging method in Southwest Japan Murata Yasuaki, Komazawa Masao, Noro Harufumi, Shichi Ryuichi and Yamamoto Akihiko (Ed.)
A gravity database of southwestern Japan compiled at Nagoya University Shichi Ryuichi and Yamamoto Akihiko
A Bouguer gravity anomaly map in Central Japan Gravity Research Group in Southwest Japan
Gravity anomalies in the northern area of kanto mountains, Central Japan Komazawa Masao, Murata Yasuaki, Takakura Shinichi, Ninomiya Yoshiki and Tanji Kokichi
Effective imaging of the gravity data using topographic and geologic data Murata Yasuaki and Noro Harufumi
CD-ROM of the gravitational data and the Bouguer anomaly map of Southwest Japan and gravity analyzing programs Noro Harufumi and Shichi Ryuichi
No.281 Natural hazards mapping — International forum Kato Hirokazu, Kinugasa Yoshihiro, Tsukuda Eikichi and Wakita Koji (Ed.)
Introduction of environmental geologic map series of China Yonghou Duan
Geological hazards map of Japan Yamazaki Haruo
Natural hazards mapping in East Asia by CPMP and USGS Terman Maurice J.
Natural hazards mapping and GIS development in the Australian region Johnson R. Wally
Progress in the international decade for natural disaster reduction Sudo Ken
Hazard map and international cooperation Hashizume Michiko and Missotten R.
A framework for regional and global seismic hazard assessment Giardini Domenico
ESCAP'S position vis-a-vis natural hazards mapping in Asia and the Pacific Region Wees Huub Van
Hazard map project and related activities of natural disaster science in Japn Mizutani Shinjiro
Eastern Asia natural hazards mapping project — A contribution to the IDNDR and GSHAP Kinugasa Yoshihiro
Natural hazards data and information in the United States Dunbar Paula K., Dana Sylvia C. and Park Paul Kilho
Applications of satellite remote sensing and GIS, to the inventory and analysis of geological hazards: A review of the results of an USESCO sponsored project of international cooperation Rengers Niek and Soeters Robert
Methodology for regional mapping of natural hazards using remote sensing and geographical information systems: The experience of the GARS programme in Colombua Leroi Eric, Missotten Robert, Rouzeau Olivier, Scanvic Jean-Yves, Vargas German and Weber Christian
The international directroy network and connected data information systems for research in the earth and space sciences Thieman James R.
Institutional program at Asian Institute of Technology and Asian Disaster Preparedness Center Gupta Satyendra P.
Seismic hazards and mapping of China Guoyu Ding
Geologic hazards in China and their prevention Zhangzhong Xie., Guoxiang Zhang., Lieding Que and Yonghou Duan
Volcanic hazards mapping in Indonesia Sukhyar R.
Geological hazard in Indonesia Bahar Irwan
Geohazard in Peninsular Malaysia Mohamed Zakaria
Natural hazards in Korea Lee Su-gon
Seismoactive faults in relation to earthquakes of Mongolia Dorjnamjaa D., Badarch G. and Ganbaatar L.
Overview of geological hazards in Vietnam Tri Tran Van
Natural hazards in Cambodia: Flood disaster Xovalsay Thach
Natural hazards mapping in India Narula P. L.