Reports, Geological Survey of Japan(1991)

Table of contents

No.272 Paleontological study of molluscan assemblages of the Miocene Moniwa Formation, Northeast Japan and description pf their Pectinidae Sato Yoshio
No.273 Well data compiled from Japan nation-wide geothermal surveys, part 2, logging data and geologic columns data Suda Yoshiro and Yano Yuusaku (Ed.)
No.274 Stratigraphy and geologic history of the Cenozoic of Japan Kano Kazuhiko, Kato Hirokazu, Yanagisawa Yukio and Yoshida Fumio (Ed.)
No.275 Research on the geothermal resource assessment in Japan Tamanyu Shiro (Ed.)
Historical background and summary result of the geothermal resource assessment for Japanese geothermal fields Tamanyu Shiro
Assessment og geothermal resource of Japan – 1990 Miyazaki Yoshinori, Tsu Hiroji, Urai Minoru, Takakura Shinichi, Okubo Yasukuni and Ogawa Katsuro
A trial estimate of geothermal resources by chemical mass discharge in Niseko area, Hokkaido, Japan Kawamura Masayori
Interpretatoin of gravity and magnetic anomalies in the Hakkoda geothermal area, Japan Okubo Yasukuni
On the deep resistivity structure of Hakkoda volcanoes Ogawa Yasuo
Clustered calderas found in the Hakkoda geothermal field, Northeast Japan Muraoka Hirofumi, Yamaguchi Yasushi and Hase Hirokazu
Heat source systems in the Hakkoda geothermal field, Northeast Japan Maraoka Hirofumi
Hydrothermal systems in the Hakkoda geothermal field, Northeast Japan Maraoka Hirofumi and Ueda Akira
Estimation of the geothermal resources in the Hakkoda geothermal field, Northeast Japan Maraoka Hirofumi
Rock densities in the Minami-Aizu geothermal area, Northeast Japan Takakura Shinichi and Yamaguchi Yasushi
Density structure of the Minami-Aizu geothermal area, Northeast Japan Takakura Shinichi
Geothermal resources assessment of Minami-Aizu area, southern Tohoku district, Northeast Japan Yamaguchi Yasushi
The gravimetric analysis in and around the Aso volcanic area, western Japan Komazawa masao, Yamada Yasuo and Kawazoe Seiki
A new graphical method to express the chemical character of hot springs Takahashi Masaaki
Simple elevation database system on FORTRAN's direct access file Nishi Yuji
Geothermal resources assessment by lumped parameter model Miyazaki Yoshinori
An expert system which estimates alteration temperature and pH of hydrothermal water from alteration minerals Noro Harufumi
A trial on extraction of the prospective geothermal areas from the regional exploration data Muraoka Hirofumi and Tanaka Soichiro
No.276 Rock physical properties of Japan – Density, magnetism, P-wave velocity, porosity, thermal conductivity – Muraoka Hirofumi, Suda Yoshiro and Kikuchi Tsuneo (Ed.)
No.277 High-temperature acid fluids and associated alteration and mineralization Matsuhisa Yukihiro, Aoki Masahiro and Hedenquist Jeffrey W. (Ed.)
Opening Remarks: Necessity of ore deposit research for mineral exploration Ishihara Shunso
Acid-sulfate alteration and vein alunite formation in volcanic terrains: Stable isotope systematics Rye Robert O. and Bethke Philip M.
High sulfidation epithermal gold deposits: Characteristics and a model for their origin White Noel C.
Geology and mineralization Characteristics of the Mankayan mineral district, Benguet, Philippines Garcia Jose S. Jr
Stable isotope systematics of alunite Stoffregen Roger E.
Mineralogical features and genesis of alunite solid solution in high temperature magmatic hydrothermal systems Aoki Masahiro
Hydrothermal alteration related to kuroko mineralization in the Kamikita area, northern Honshu, Japan, with special reference to the acid-sulfate alteration Inoue Atsuyuki and Utada Minoru
Hydrothermal alteration associated with Nansatsu-type gold mineralization in the Kasuga area, Kagoshima Perfecture, Japan Izawa Eiji
Isotopic evidence for the origin of Nansatsu fluids Matsuhisa Yukihiro, Hedenquist Jeffrey W. and Aoki Masahiro
Mineralogy, distributions and origin of acid alteration in Philippine geothermal systems Reyes Agnes G.
Gold and base metal mineralization in an evolving hydrothermal system at Osorezan, northern Honshu, Japan Aoki Masahiro
Isotopic and metal compositions of volcanic discharges in Japan, and implications for mineralization Hedenquist Jeffrey W. and Aoki Masahiro
Comparative study of shallow and deep acid alteration in the Otake and Hatchobaru Geothermal systems, Kyushu, Japan Taguchi Sachihiro
Hydrothermal systems and associated alteration in Iceland Fridleifsson Gudmundur Omar
Redox processes accompanying the deposition of minerals in volcanic-magmatic-hydrothermal systems Giggenbach Werner F.
Pressure dependence of water/rock reaction and control of HCl/NaCl ratio Shinohara Hiroshi
Generation of HCl by high temperature hydrolysis of NaCl Kazahaya Kohei and Shinohara Hiroshi
Three end-members of hydrothermal fluid related to the Izu Oshima volcanic eruption: Magmatic, sea water and meteoric Takahashi Masaaki, Abe Kikuo, Noda Tetsuro, Kazahaya Kohei and Ando Naoyuki