Reports, Geological Survey of Japan(1964)

Table of contents

No.203 Geological and Mineralogical Studies of Clay and Silica Sand Deposits in Seto District, Aichi Prefecture Tanemura Mitsuo
No.204 Paleogene and Early Neogene Molluscan Faunae in West Japan Mizuno Atsuyuki
No.205 Benthonic Foraminifera off the Pacific Coast of Japan, referred to Biostratigraphy of the Kazusa Group Ishiwada Yasufumi
No.206 A Geological Study on the Bed Rock of Dam Sites in Kyushu Inai Nobuo
No.207 Summary of the Paleogene Molluscan Faunas in North Japan Mizuno Atsuyuki
No.208 Geochemistry of Germanium in the Matallic Sulfides Ore Deposits in Japan Ando Atsushi
No.209 Bouguer Anomaly Maps in Japan Matsuda Takeo and Suda Yoshiro