Cruise Report No.13

Table of Contents

Geological Investigation of the Japan Sea, April – June 1978 (GH78-2 Cruise) Ed. by Eiichi HONZA (251KB)

Contents   (38KB)
Outline of research cruise Eiichi HONZA (1-13) (507KB)
Bathymetric survey Masafumi INOUE and Eiichi HONZA (14-19) (244KB)
3.5 kHz echo sounder profiling survey Kiyokazu NISHIMURA, Kensaku TAMAKI and Fumitoshi MURAKAMI (20-26) (310KB)
Gravity survey Teruki MIYAZAKI (27-45) (779KB)
Geomagnetic survey Teruki MIYAZAKI, Kensaku TAMAKI and Fumitoshi MURAKAMI (46-47) (93KB)
Continuous seismic reflection profiling survey Kensaku TAMAKI, Fumitoshi MURAKAMI, Kiyokazu NISHIMURA and Eiichi HONZA (48-51) (235KB)
Fig. 1-6   (1,115KB)
Sono-buoy refraction measurements Kensaku TAMAKI, Fumitoshi MURAKAMI and Eiichi HONZA (52-53) (120KB)
Rocks and sediments Makoto YUASA, Hiroshi KANAYA and Shigeru TERASHIMA (54-60) (393KB)
Cored material Eiichi HONZA and Makoto YUASA (61-63) (161KB)
Magnetic properties of the igneous rocks dredged from the Japan Sea by Hakurei-Maru Masato JOSHIMA and Hiroshi KANAYA (64-66) (133KB)
Age assignments for sediment samples cored and dredged Itaru KOIZUMI (67-69) (137KB)
Age assigned to dredged siltstone samples and piston core samples Michio KATO (70-72) (85KB)
Miocene mollusca from the D268 samples in the offshore area of the Hokuriku Koichiro MASUDA and Kazuo OKAMOTO (73-74) (133KB)
Chemical composition of argillaceous sediments around the Yamato Bank in the Japan Sea Ryuichi SUGISAKI (75-88) (644KB)
Sediments, structure and origin of Japan Sea – concluding remarks – Eiichi HONZA (89-93) (308KB)
Appendix : Analytical results of pollen and spores in the sedimentary rocks and sediments cored and dredged by Dr. S. TOKUNAGA of Palynosurvey Co.. Numbers are expressed in percent except No. 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 18 in which numbers are counts (94-95)   (79KB)
Summary in Japanese (96-99)   (242KB)