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Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.51 No.11 (2000)

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Nipponites mirabilis Yabei(Specimen no.GSJ F9094)

Collected from the Upper Yezo Group along the Haboro River, northwestern Hokkaido, Japan. Nipponites is a famous heteromorph ammonite genus yielded from the Japanese Cretaceous System, and its theoretical morphology was shown by Okamoto (1984).

Table of Contents

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Bouguer Gravity Anomalies in the eastern part of Hokkaido, Japan Rie MORIJIRI, Toshio HIROSHIMA, Yasuaki MURATA, Masahiko MAKINO and Masao KOMAZAWA (537-558) 51-11_01.pdf(2,882KB)
[ Notes and Comments ]
Database of the Cretaceous ammonoids in Japan-stratigraphic distribution and bibliography-
Seiichi TOSHIMITSU and Hiromichi HIRANO (559-613) 51-11_02.pdf(5,708KB)