Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.50 No.12 (1999)

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Chausudake Volcano is the only active volcano having historical eruption records in the Nasu Volcano Group, about 160km north of Tokyo. The summit of the volcano is made up of the AD 1408 phreatic fall deposits (middle white part) and the AD 1410 andesite lava flow (upper gray part). According to a document written in the 15th century, about 180 people were killed by the AD 1410 eruption.

(Photoed by Takahiro YAMAMOTO)

Table of Contents

Fundamental study for diversities of magma-hydrothermal system environments based on simplified-model numerical simulations Hiroshi SHIGENO (725-741) 50-12_01.pdf(2,304KB)
Plinian fall deposits in the Fukushima-Tochigi area during 0.3-0.1 Ma: stratigraphy of marker tephra layers erupting from Numazawa, Hiuchigadake, Kinunuma, and Sunagohara volcanoes Takahiro YAMAMOTO (743-767) 50-12_02.pdf(2,981KB)