Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.50 No.1 (1999)

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Model for the counterclockwise rotation of Northeast Japan associated with the Japan Sea opening

Northeast Japan rotated in the period between 21 and 18 Ma, during which a transverse fault (the Chokai-Ishinomaki Tectonic Line: CITL) occurred between the Kitakami and Abukuma Mountains. Dextral movement on the CITL accommodated the larger counterclockwise rotation of the Kitakami Mountains. (see Hoshi and Takahashi, this issue)

Table of Contents

Special Issue:Recent progress in basic studies related to hydrocarbon deposits (Part I)

Preface Editors : Shuichi TOKUHASHI, Yoshio WATANABE, Masaki TAKAHASHI, Yukio YANAGISAWA, Mahito WATANABE, Nobuyuki KANEKO and Susumu SAKATA (1-1) 50-01_01.pdf(145KB)
Miocene counterclockwise rotation of Northeast Japan: a review and new model Hiroyuki HOSHI and Masaki TAKAHASHI (3-16) 50-01_02.pdf(1,671KB)
Late Miocene to Pliocene volcanism and reservoir formation in the Akita-Yamagata Oil Field, northeast Japan Nobuyuki TSUCHIYA (17-25) 50-01_03.pdf(1,165KB)
Sedimentological and mathematical analysis of the Neogene turbidite succession along the Gomoto River through the Western oil belt in the Niigata Neogene sedimentary basin, central Japan Shuichi TOKUHASHI, Yoshiro ISHIHARA and Yuichiro MIYATA (27-48) 50-01_04.pdf(11,271KB)
Diatom biostratigraphy of the Miocene sequence in the southern Kanazawa area, Ishikawa Prefecture, central Japan Yukio YANAGISAWA (49-65) 50-01_05.pdf(2,699KB)
Diatom biostratigraphy of the Miocene sequence in the Iozen area, Hokuriku Province, central Japan Yukio YANAGISAWA (67-81) 50-01_06.pdf(2,237KB)