Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.49 No.5 (1998)

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A sediment core collected from the northern Japan Sea. Sediment color changes reflecting the paleoenvironments of the Japan Sea, which have been influenced by the Quaternary sea level change and the East Asian paleoclimatic change.

(Photoed by Ken IKEHARA)

Table of Contents

K-Ar dating on age-unknown rocks in the “ Geological Map of Japan 1:200,000, Nagano ” Shigeru UCHIUMI, Shun NAKANO and Kozo UTO (189-193) 49-05_01.pdf(742KB)
An earthquake recorded during seismic exploration Kazuo YAMAGUCHI (195-200) 49-05_02.pdf(1,216KB)
Vertical profiles of elements in sediment cores from the eastern Japan Sea and their relation to sedimentary environments Shigeru TERASHIMA, Ken IKEHARA, Takeshi NAKAJIMA, Hajime KATAYAMA, Yoshio INOUCHI, Setsuya YOKOTA and Noboru IMAI (201-235) 49-05_03.pdf(4,758KB)