Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.49 No.4 (1998)

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Lamprophyre dyke which cuts Sangun metamorphic rocks at the coast of Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Main constituent minerals of the lamprophyre are hornblende, plagioclase and biotite. The Sangun metamorphic rocks in the Hofu area were thermally metamorphosed by Cretaceous granitic rocks after the regional metamorphism.

(Photoed by Takayuki SAWAKI)

Table of Contents

Improving Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan: Expansion of description category and establishment of the GSJ Bulletin Award Tetsuro NODA (143-145) 49-04_01.pdf(402KB)
Strains, elastic-wave velocities, and acoustic emissions during the creep of granitic rocks Koji MASUDA (147-155) 49-04_02.pdf(985KB)
Origin of scoria in the Miocene marine sequence in the Boso Peninsula, central Japan and its tectonic significance Masaki TAKAHASHI (157-177) 49-04_03.pdf(6,494KB)
Thalassiosira castanea, a new diatom species useful for the Late Miocene diatom biostratigraphy in the North Pacific Fumio AKIBA and Yukio YANAGISAWA (179-185) 49-04_04.pdf(1,573KB)