Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.47 No.12 (1996)

Table of Contents

Correlation of micro fractures with P-wave velocities and strain in cored rock samples from the Yutsubo geothermal well deformed under confinig pressures Ziqiu XUE, Osamu NISHIZAWA, Yasuto KUWAHARA and Shigeyuki SUZUKI (599-617) 47-12_01.pdf(5,551KB)
Geochemical study on the origin of natural gas hydrocarbons accumulated in volcanic reservoir Susumu SAKATA, Makoto TAKAHASHI, Shun-ichiro IGARI, Yukihiro MATSUHISA and Kazuo HOSHINO (619-642) 47-12_02.pdf(2,539KB)
Abstract for Geological Survey Seminar, No. 242
Methane hydrate, – A natural gas resource in future –(643-646)