Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.46 No.1 (1995)

Table of Contents

Gravity model studies of the northern Fossa Magna: Central Honshu, Japan Tom WILSON and Hirokazu KATO (1-22) 46-01_01.pdf(2,371KB)
Major element geochemistry and mineral chemistry of granitic rocks in Awaji Island – Implications for the zonal distribution of Cretaceous granitic rocks, Inner Zone of Southwest Japan – Yutaka TAKAHASHI (23-40) 46-01_02.pdf(1,425KB)
Quaternary argillaceous sediments in the northern Japan trench and slope areas: With special reference on chemical composition of cored sediments Ryuichi SUGISAKI and Eiichi HONZA (41-56) 46-01_03.pdf(1,362KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar, No. 228
Oceanic crusts and ophiolite(57-60)