Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.45 No.12 (1994)

Table of Contents

Special Issue:

Preface (687) 45-12_01.pdf(1024KB)
Integrated interpretation of magnetotelluric and gravity data in Shimokita Peninsula, northern Honshu, Japan Shinichi TAKAKURA (689-702) 45-12_02.pdf(4,168KB)
Separation of magnetotelluric (MT) data of strong three-dimensionality into regional induction and local telluric distortion – Application to MT Data across Southern Kitakami Mountains – Yasuo OGAWA and Yuji MITSUHATA (703-713) 45-12_03.pdf(1,107KB)
The integrated modeling system for appraisal of the deepseated fracture reservoir: The analysis of tectonic fractures and their evaluation Kisaburo KODAMA (715-728) 45-12_04.pdf(1,339KB)
Correction of Text 45-12_C.pdf(25KB)