Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.45 No.11 (1994)

Table of Contents

TitleAuthor PDF
A selective chemical leaching study of sediments from fresh-water lake, brackish-water lake and sea in the Japan areas Yutaka KANAI (625-654) 45-11_01.pdf(3,883KB)
Diatom biostratigraphy of the Miocene sequence of Iwadono Hill, Saitama Prefecture, Central Japan Seiji HORIUCHI and Yukio YANAGISAWA (655-675) 45-11_02.pdf(5,796KB)
Late Holocene faulting events on the Iznik-Mekece fault in the western part of the North Anatolian fault zone, Turkey Toshikazu YOSHIOKA and Kuscu ISMAIL (677-685) 45-11_03.pdf(995KB)