Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.45 No.8/9 (1994)

Table of Contents

Special Issue:

Preface (449-450) 45-0809_01.pdf(151KB)
New approach based on the application of heavy mineral analysis to sedimentological analysis: An example applied to the early Pliocene turbidite sandstones, eastern margin of the Niigata sedimentary basin, Central Japan Shuichi TOKUHASHI (451-470) 45-0809_02.pdf(4,279KB)
A tentative model for the formation of the late Miocene submarine hiatus around the Japan Sea Mahito WATANABE (471-475) 45-0809_03.pdf(527KB)
Miocene lateral bending of Central Japan-Intra-arc deformation at arc-arc collision zone- Masaki TAKAHASHI (477-495) 45-0809_04.pdf(2,096KB)
Sedimentary basins and hydrocarbon resources in East Asia Tomoaki SUMII (497-508) 45-0809_05.pdf(1,352KB)
Preliminary assessment for hydrocarbon potential by sedimentary basin modeling: Case study on the sedimentary environment of the Neogene Onnagawa source rook facies Yoshio WATANABE, Masanobu YAMAMOTO and Noboru IMAI (509-525) 45-0809_06.pdf(2,190KB)
Dinosteranes as a possible paleoindicator of nutrient condition of surface water: A case study in the diatomaceous sediments of the Neogene Onnagwa Formation in the Akita Sedimentary Basin, NE Japan Masanobu YAMAMOTO, Yoshio WATANABE and Mahito WATANABE (527-530) 45-0809_07.pdf(334KB)
Geochemical study on the origin of oils accumulated in volcanic rocks, Japan Susumu SAKATA, Nobuyuki KANEKO, Yukihiro MATSUHISA, Shun-ichiro IGARI and Yuichiro SUZUKI (531-554) 45-0809_08.pdf(2,040KB)
Relation between hydrocarbon composition and carbon istopic composition of natural gases from oil and fields  in the Akita, Yamagata and Niigata basins, Japan Shun-ichiro IGARI (555-564) 45-0809_09.pdf(792KB)