Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.44 No.9 (1993)

Table of Contents

Special issue:Studies of Permian / Triassic boundary in pelagic sediments (Part 2)

Sedimentary petrographical study on bedded cherts of the northern Chichibu Belt in eastern Shikoku – With special reference to the P/T boundary – Yoshitaka KAKUWA (533-546) 44-09_01.pdf(2,670KB)
Constituents of Permian and Triassic bedded cherts in the Tamba Belt Nobuhiro IMOTO and Yuichi SAIJO (547-554) 44-09_02.pdf(1,138KB)
Toarcian oceanic event in deep-sea sediments S. Rie HORI (555-570) 44-09_03.pdf(4,231KB)
Geologic significance of the “Toishi-type” shale in the evolution of the Jurassic melanges in the Kuze area, western Mino Terrane, Central Japan Makoto SAITO (571-596) 44-09_04.pdf(11,727KB)