Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.44 No.6 (1993)

Table of Contents

Geochemical study of carbonate in Chichibu Belt from Kanto Mountains of Japan Takashi OKAI (351-365) 44-06_01.pdf(1,580KB)
K-Ar ages of the rocks of the Sambagawa, Kurosegawa and Shimanto Terranes in the northeastern part of Wakayama Prefecture, Southwest Japan Chikao KURIMOTO (367-375) 44-06_02.pdf(1,444KB)
Contact metamorphism in andalusite-sillimanite type Tono aureole, Northeast Japan: Reactions and phase relations in Fe-rich aluminous metapelites Yasuko OKUYAMA-KUSUNOSE (377-416) 44-06_03.pdf(11,185KB)