Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.44 No.2/3/4 (1993)

Table of Contents

Special Issue:

TitleAuthor PDF
Preface Terumasa NAKAJIMA (75-76) 44-020304_01.pdf(165KB)
A review of geological models for global and regional mineral resouce assessment Yasuo KANAZAWA and Masaharu KAMITANI (77-89) 44-020304_02.pdf(1,282KB)
Evaluation of potentiality of kuroko deposits based on the probability distribution model Ryoichi KOUDA and Donald A. Singer (91-103) 44-020304_03.pdf(1,671KB)
Potential of Au, Ag-bearing ore deposits in Japan – Particularly, on the Kitami area, Hokkaido – Masaharu KAMITANI and Yasuo KANAZAWA (105-126) 44-020304_04.pdf(2,363KB)
Mineralization and hydrothermal alteration of the Minamishiraoi kuroko-type barite deposit, Hokkaido, Japan Katsumi MARUMO and Tadashi FUJINUKI (127-145) 44-020304_05.pdf(1,760KB)
K-Ar data and hydrogen isotopic compositions of mica clay minerals from ore deposits, southwestern Hokkaido, Japan Katsumi MARUMO (147-154) 44-020304_06.pdf(1,111KB)
Hydrothermal activity responsible for the kuroko mineralization inferred from oxygen isotopic ratios of altered rocks from the western area of the Hokuroku district, northern Japan Yukihiro MATSUHISA and Minoru UTADA (155-168) 44-020304_07.pdf(1,493KB)
Sulfur isotopic study of the Akenobe tin-polymetallic ore deposits, Japan, with special reference to the Chiemon No. 4 vein Satoshi MURAO and Tetsuro URABE (169-178) 44-020304_08.pdf(2,039KB)
Alteration minerals in cores from drill hole around the Kushikino mine, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan Toshimitsu IWAYA (179-192) 44-020304_09.pdf(1,671KB)
An interpretation of magnetic anomalies in the Northern Tohoku District, Japan: The result of an application of a two-layer model inversion to magnetic anomalies in the Hokuroku District and its relation to the distribution of metallic ore deposits Shigeo OKUMA (193-217) 44-020304_10.pdf(3,648KB)
Base metal contents of older metamorphic and plutonic rocks and their implication to major Paleogene Pb-Zn ore deposits in the Inner Zone of Southwest Japan Shunso ISHIHARA, Masatsugu OGASAWARA and Terumasa NAKAJIMA (219-237) 44-020304_11.pdf(1,639KB)
Formation model of the Toyoha mine, Hokkaido, Japan Junkichi YAJIMA, Eijun OHTA and Yasushi WATANABE (239-249) 44-020304_12.pdf(1,285KB)
Reconstruction of the depositional circumstances of the kuroko deposits in the Hokuroku basin Terumasa NAKAJIMA (251-282) 44-020304_13.pdf(6,093KB)