Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.43 No.1/2 (1992)

Table of Contents

Special Issue:Cenozoic geohistory and tectonics in Japan

Preface  43-0102_01.pdf(84KB)
FOSSA MAGNA-A masked border region separating Southwest and Northeast Japan Hirokazu KATO (1-30) 43-0102_02.pdf(3,891KB)
Interpretation of the Matsumoto Basin gravity low Tom WILSON and Hirokazu KATO (31-41) 43-0102_03.pdf(1,041KB)
Geologic development of the Setouchi Geologic Province since Early Miocene–With special reference to the First and Second Setouchi Inland Sea times Fumio YOSHIDA (43-67) 43-0102_04.pdf(3,043KB)
Paeleogene floral and climatic changes of Japan Masanori OZAKI (69-85) 43-0102_05.pdf(1,864KB)
Neotectonics in the north Kinki district, Japan Toshikazu YOSHIOKA (87-90) 43-0102_06.pdf(441KB)
The Cenozoic tectonic history of the forearc region of Southwest Japan based mainly on the data obtained from the Shizuoka district Yuichi SUGIYAMA (91-112) 43-0102_07.pdf(2,679KB)
Pliocene-Quaternary sedimentary basin off the San-in Hokuriku district, southern Japan Sea Hirofumi YAMAMOTO (113-117) 43-0102_08.pdf(565KB)
Late Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the central part of northern Honshu, Japan Hiroshi SATO (119-139) 43-0102_09.pdf(2,692KB)