Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.41 No.11 (1990)

Table of Contents

Special Issue for overseas geology and mineral resources (IV)
– Research on mineral deposits associated withcarbonatite in Brazil –

Preface Keizo FUJII 41-11_01.pdf(129KB)
Niobium mineralization of Catalao I carbonatite complex, Goias, Brazil Hideo HIRANO, Masaharu KAMITANI, Takeo SATO and Sadahisa SUDO (577-594) 41-11_02.pdf(10,569KB)
Araxa carbonatite deposit and its lateritization Masaharu KAMITANI and Hideo HIRANO (595-604) 41-11_03.pdf(1,269KB)
Jacupiranga carbonatites in Sao Paulo State, Brazil -Their mode of occurrence- Hideo HIRANO, Masaharu KAMITANI and Elias C. DAITX (605-610) 41-11_04.pdf(9,901KB)
Carbon and oxygen isotopic composition of the carbonates from the Jacupiranga and Catalao I carbonatite complexes, Brazil Toshiro MORIKIYO, Hideo HIRANO and Yukihiro MATSUHISA (619-626) 41-11_05.pdf(1,308KB)
Determination of Nb and Ta in weathering soils from Brazilian carbonatite complexes Tadashi FUJINUKI (627-629) 41-11_06.pdf(259KB)
Important carbonatite-alkaline/alkaline complexes and related mineral resources in the world Masaharu KAMITANI and Hideo HIRANO (631-640) 41-11_07.pdf(2,655KB)