Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.40 No.11 (1989)

Table of Contents

Magnetic structure of the Hohi geothermal area, Kyushu, Japan Minoru URAI, Yoshinori MIYAZAKI and Hiroji TSU (589-600) 40-11_01.pdf(1,340KB)
On the standard procedure SPECG1988 for evaluating the correction of gravity at the Geological Survey of Japan GSJ Graviry Survey Group (601-611) 40-11_02.pdf(1,226KB)
Development of linear multivariate regression model to detect cosiesmic changes of groundwater level Norio MATSUMOTO, Makoto TAKAHASHI and Genshiro KITAGAWA (613-623) 40-11_03.pdf(1,100KB)
Stream water geochemistry and estimation of the effect of sea salt in Tokunoshima Hayaji GOTO and Yasuji NOMA (625-633) 40-11_04.pdf(839KB)
Abstracts for geological Survey Seminar, No. 196
Rare metal resources and exploration(635-645)