Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.40 No.5 (1989)

Table of Contents

Groundwater balance of the Oumi Limestone area in Niigata Prefecture, Central Japan Kazuo KISHI, Takemasa ISHII and Shigeru NAGAI (223-237) 40-05_01.pdf(1,337KB)
Some physical properties of shelf to basin deposits off San'in and Hokuriku districts, southern part of Japan Sea Ken IKEHARA (239-250) 40-05_02.pdf(1,190KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar,
Papers presented at the symposium on geotectonics and energy resources in East Asia(251-268)
Geotectonics of East Asia Tadashi SATO (251-268) 40-05_03.pdf(2,168KB)
Accretionary tectonics in Japan Koji WAKITA (251-268)
Tectonics of southern Korea Dong Hak KIM and Hyen Il CHOI (251-268)
The geological and geophysical investigations of China Seas and their results LIU Guanding (251-268)
Geotectonics and energy resources of the Philippines Ramon D. QUEBRAL v
An outline of the tectonic development of the Indonesian archipelago and its bearing on the occurrence of energy resources Tohap O. SIMANDJUNTAL (251-268)
A summary of tectonic units of Papua New Guinea Stevie T. S. NION (251-268)
Outline of the tectonics evolution of Thailand Saengathit CHUAVIROJ (251-268)
Tectonics framework of Malaysia Han Peng KHOO (251-268)
Tectonics in the western Pacific Eiichi HONZA (251-268)
Mesozoic and Cenozoic tectonic process of Northwest Pacific continental margin Shengwin CUI and Jinrong LI (269-275)
Hydrocarbon resource assessment methods as applied to basin analysis approaches in Southeast Asia Gordon C. TAYLOR (251-268)
The geotectonic zonation and distribution of energy and resources in Viet Nam Tran Van TRI (251-268)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar, No. 193
Recent results on the Antarctic Research
(269-275) 40-05_04.pdf(934KB)