Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.37 No.2 (1986)

Table of Contents

Growth and morphology of some alkaline-earth metal tungstate crystals from KCl flux Yuji ENDO, Shuji OISHI, Yasuo KANAZAWA and Isao TATE (53-66) 37-02_01.pdf(6,779KB)
Determination of total iron in silicate and aluminous silicate by EDTA-H2O2 spectrophotometric method Takashi OKAI and Tadashi FUJINUKI (67-75) 37-02_02.pdf(927KB)
Whole rock K-Ar age of minette lava from Kawamoto-cho, Shimane Prefecture, western Japan Hirohisa MATSUURA and Kozo UTO (77-79) 37-02_03.pdf(362KB)
Shioya Formation, a peculiar formation of conglomerate and volcanic rocks in northern Hida Belt Tomohide OTSUBO and Tamotsu NOZAWA (81-86) 37-02_04.pdf(622KB)
[ Notes ]
Triennial review of mineral resources development activities in Japan (1981-1984)
Noriyuki FUJII (87-94) 37-02_05.pdf(779KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar, no. 171
The crustal structure of the Kanto Plane and its formation process
(95-99) 37-02_06.pdf(608KB)