Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.34 No.11 (1983)

Table of Contents

Precambrian granitoids from two areas in western Tanzania : the Archean Bukoli pluton and the Proterozoic Kate batholith J. T. NANYARO, Shunso ISHIHARA, Hideo HIRANO and Akira SAKAI (535-551) 34-11_01.pdf(1,812KB)
Determination of trace amounts of cadmium and lead in geological materials by solvent extraction and atomic absorption spectrometry Shigeru TERASHIMA (553-559) 34-11_02.pdf(720KB)
Petrography and K-Ar age of the Rifu Granitic Rocks, Miyagi Prefecture Takemasa ISHII and Yukio YANAGISAWA (561-565) 34-11_03.pdf(499KB)
[ Notes ]
Computer program to draw on the wulff net a fracture frequency contour diagram and principal stress directions by using conjugate fractures
Eizo YAMADA (567-585) 34-11_04.pdf(1,384KB)