Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.34 No.9 (1983)

Table of Contents

TitleAuthor PDF
Geology and metamorphism of the Takakusayama Group in the central part of Shizuoka Prefecture Koichi SHIMOKAWA and Yuichi SUGIYAMA (435-440) 34-09_01.pdf(1,754KB)
Copper, lead, zinc, arsenic and sulfur of the Japanese granitoids (1) Kitakami Mountains and Abukuma Highland Shigeru TERASHIMA and Shunso ISHIHARA (443-453) 34-09_02.pdf(1,235KB)
Fission track ages of the boring core samples drilled in the Hohi geothermal area. Part 1 Shiro TAMANYU and Masao KASUYA (455-469) 34-09_03.pdf(2,157KB)
Abstracts of Papers at The International Symposium on Geologic Evolution, Resources and Geologic Hazards
Geological structure and evolution of continental margins Karl HINZ (471-482) 34-09_04.pdf(1,506KB)
Gondwana geology of Indian Plate : its history of fragmentation and dispersion N. R. DATTA and N. D. MITRA (471-482)
The last 200 million years in eastern Asia : Yanshanian subduction and post-Yanshanian extension Maurice J. TERMAN (471-482)
Tectonic evolution of the western Pacific region Tetsuzo SENO (471-482)
Geological structure and evolution of continental margin around Japan Eiichi HONZA (471-482)
Geology and geothermal resources in northern Thailand Saengathit CHUAVIROJ and Saman CHATURONGKAWANICH (471-482)
Geothermal exploration of Eburru area, Kenya W. J. WAIREGI (471-482)
Philippine geothermal resources : an alternative indigenous energy Rogelio DATUIN and Alfredo C. TRONAALES (471-482)
Geothermal exploration in Japan Katsuro OGAWA (471-482)
Non-marine petroleum geology of China WANG Fuqing (471-482)
Petroleum geological features and technical problems in hydrocarbon exploration in Japan as an island arc Akitoshi INOMA (471-482)
Deep sea basins in Indonesia L. WITHOELAR, Z. AHMAD and A. REYMOND (471-482)
Characteristics of coal in continental and island arc environment Keizo FUJII (471-482)
Metallogeny of East Asia : Sn, W and Mo problems Shunso ISHIHARA (471-482)
Geology and tectonic setting of copper and chromite deposits of the Philippines A. S. ZANORIA, E. G. COMINGO, G. R. BALCE and G. C. BACUTA (471-482)
Tin deposits in Malaysia and their significance to the region S. K. CHUNG (471-482)
Tungsten and molybdenum ore deposits in South Korea Won Jo KIM (471-482)
Geology of carbonatites in Brazil and their economic mineral deposits Carlos Oiti BERBERT (471-482)
Landsubsidence, induced by man and the coastal defence of low-lying areas, the Netherlands as an example E. OELE (471-482)
The significance of explosive volcanism in the prehistory of Japan Hiroshi MMCHIDA (471-482)
Volcanoes and volcanic hazards in Papua New Guinea P. L. LOWENSTEIN and B. TALAI (471-482)
Excavation survey of active faults for earthquake prediction in Japan Eikichi TSUKUDA and Haruo YAMAZAKI (471-482)
The importance of an international earthquake data bank W. H. K. LEE (471-482)