Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.34 No.1 (1983)

Table of Contents

Measurement of remanent magnetization of deep-sea sediment cores from the northern Central Pasific Basin Masato JOSHIMA (1-9) 34-01_01.pdf(1,420KB)
Granitoids and mineralization in the Uetsu area, Japan Shunso ISHIHARA, Akira SASAKI and Shigeru TERASHIMA (11-26) 34-01_02.pdf(2,431KB)
[ Notes ]
A new series of the Neotectonic Maps of Japan (1:500,000 scale)
Seismotectonic Research Section, Environmental Geology Department, GSJ (27-37) 34-01_03.pdf(1,304KB)
[ Translation ]
The industrial types of tungsten ore deposits in south China
Yunhuai LIN (39-45)
translator : Fumio KISHIMOTO
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar, No. 156
Application of computer technology to the geological science – in case of data processing and data base systems –
(47-58) 34-01_05.pdf(1,589KB)