Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.33 No.9 (1982)

Table of Contents

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K-Ar ages of Miocene volcanic rocks from the Shiogama district : Contribution to the age between the Actinocyclus ingens Zone and the Denticulopsis lauta Zone Takemasa ISHII, Yukio YANAGISAWA, Shoichi YAMAGUCHI and Tomohiko ABE (425-431) 33-09_01.pdf(809KB)
K-Ar ages of the Neogene system in the southern peripheral area of the Sea Gan (Hachimantai) geothermal field Shigeru SUTO and Takemasa ISHII (433-442) 33-09_02.pdf(1,334KB)
[ Notes ]
Continuous seismic profiling for active faults
Junsuke CHUJO (443-467) 33-09_03.pdf(6,751KB)
[ Translation ]
The alteration and mineralization features of the Duobaoshan porphyry copper deposit
Qi DU (469-477)
translator : Fumio KISHIMOTO and Shunso ISHIHARA