Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.33 No.3 (1982)

Table of Contents

Sulfur and carbon contents of manganese nodules from the central Pasific, GH80-1 cruise Shigeru TERASHIMA, Seizo NAKAO and Tsunekazu MOCHIZUKI (111-123) 33-03_01.pdf(1,141KB)
Thermoluminescence dating of volcanic rocks from Noya geothermal area, Kyushu, Japan Isao TAKASHIMA (125-131) 33-03_02.pdf(819KB)
On the change of river system in the upper course of the Tenno River, Niu Mountains, Fukui Prefecture – Study of river terraces – Ryoji KOMURA (133-140) 33-03_03.pdf(998KB)
[ Notes ]
Notes on geological map of Japan, 1 : 5,000,000, 4th edition, 1982
Isao IMAI and Naoki ISSHIKI (141-146) 33-03_04.pdf(787KB)
[ Translation ]
Articles on the ore prospecting of USSR and China (I)(147-160)
translator : Fumio KISHIMOTO 33-03_05.pdf(1,756KB)