Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.32 No.8 (1981)

Table of Contents

Sulfur and carbon contens of mudrocks from the Upper Cretaceous Himenoura Group, Koshiki-jima, Kyushu Keisaku TANAKA, Shigeru TERASHIMA and Yoji TERAOKA (417-431) 32-08_01.pdf(1,563KB)
Relationship between seasonal variation of water discharge from hot springs and precipitation in the Onikobe geothermal area, Miyagi Prefecture Tsugio OZAKI (433-447) 32-08_02.pdf(1,436KB)
Sur les masses des coquilles morts a Shimokita peninsule (a cote du detroit de Tsugaru) Shochin ISHIYAMA (449-457) 32-08_03.pdf(745KB)
[ Translation ]
Geologostructural position and the genesis problems of chromite ore deposits in folding regions
G. G. KRAVCHENKO (459-465)
ranslator : Fumio KISHIMOTO
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar, No. 147
Symposium on DELP (Development and Evolution of Lithosphere Project) Part I – formation and development of sedimentary basin as related to subduction of Lithosphere
(467-472) 32-08_05.pdf(826KB)