Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.31 No.9 (1980)

Table of Contents

Organic geochemistry of the porewater in peat from Ozegawara, Gumma Prefecture, and Miyatoko, Fukushima Prefecture – With special reference to organic source material and derived gaseous hydrocarbons Hiroshi YONETANI, Nobuo Oba, Shozo NAGATA and Takeshi KOMA (411-436) 31-09_01.pdf(2,270KB)
X-ray fluorescence analysis of major elements in rocks and minerals. Part 3. Volatilization of sodium and potassium from glass bead samples on heating with regard to temperature of heating and its duration of time Ei OHMORI (437-446) 31-09_02.pdf(1,301KB)
Some problems related to the variation in radon concentration in ground water in the ground upheaval area of Kawasaki-city Hiroshi KANAYA, Kiyoji IKEDA and Kikuo ABE (447-460) 31-09_03.pdf(1,480KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar, No. 142
New exploration methods for Earth resources study
(461-465) 31-09_04.pdf(721KB)