Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.31 No.1 (1980)

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Geochemical study on organic matter from sedimentary rocks in the Miyazaki Group and the Shimanto Supergroup of Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan Shinichi MAKI, Shozo NAGATA, Osamu Fukuta and Toshitaro FURUKAWA (1-24) 31-01_01.pdf(2,396KB)
About the map of active faults in Japan (1: 2,000,000, 1978), Part 1, Geology and earthquake faults Hirokazu KATO (25-41) 31-01_02.pdf(2,068KB)
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Problems of magmatism, metamorphism and ore-mineralization in Far East of USSR
USSR Academy of Science, Ministry of Geology of USSR (43-53)
translator : Fumio KISHIMOTO