Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.30 No.11 (1979)

Table of Contents

The Lateral Variation of Coal Properties in Connection with the Thickness Variation of the Coal Seam at the Taiheiyo Coal Mine, Hokkaido, Japan Keizo FUJII, Minoru SASAKI, Susumu GOTO and Masatoshi SOGABE (587-607) 30-11_01.pdf(1,766KB)
The Determination of Total Carbon, Total Sulfur, Carbonate and Non-Carbonate Carbon in Geological Materials by Infrared Absorption Spectrometry Shigeru TERASHIMA (609-627) 30-11_02.pdf(2,461KB)
Preliminary Report on the Geochemistry of Iodine, Bromine, and Chlorine in the Surface Samples of Cenozoic Marine Sediments from the Southern Part of Okinawa Main Island, Southwestern Japan Koji MOTOJIMA, Eisaku TAJIMA and Hideo AKAIWA (629-637) 30-11_03.pdf(861KB)
[ Notes ] (639-644) 30-11_04.pdf(726KB)