Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.28 No.11 (1977)

Table of Contents

Stratigraphy and Geological Structure of the Neogene Formations, Southeastern Part of the Izu Peninsula, Japan Eizo YAMADA (711-733) 28-11_01.pdf(5,563KB)
Hydrological Investigation of Stream Flow in the Onikobe Geothermal Area Tsugio OZAKI and Toshio KANNO (735-751) 28-11_02.pdf(2,058KB)
Geology and Structural Interpretations in the Vicinity of Takarakura Mine, Central Hokuroku District, Akita Prefecture Keizo Fujii, Yukio SAKAMAKI and Fujio UEMURA (753-762) 28-11_03.pdf(1,388KB)
14C-Age of the Oura Pyroclastic Flow of the Satsuma-Iwojima (Kikai Caldera), Kagoshima Prefecture – 14C-Ages of the Quaternary Rocks Associated with the Geothermal Activity in Japan, 4 – Keiji KIMBARA, Hiroshi SHIGENO and Koji ONO (763-765) 28-11_04.pdf(303KB)
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(767-774) 28-11_05.pdf(9,554KB)