Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.28 No.7 (1977)

Table of Contents

Distribution of Nitrogen Contents and Carbon-Nitrogen Ratios in the Bottom Sediments of the Coastal Lakes Shinjiko and Nakaumi, West Japan Miyoko ONO and Koji ONODERA (431-444) 28-07_01.pdf(6,060KB)
On the Silica and Deposits in the Mitsugoyama Area, Yunotsu, Shimane Prefecture Hideo INOUE, Yoshiro UEDA and Shigeru TERASHIMA (445-459) 28-07_02.pdf(3,517KB)
Shimanto Supergroup in the Sukumo Area, Southwestern Shikoku Keisaku TANAKA (461-476) 28-07_03.pdf(13,372KB)
Grain Size Dependence of Ultimate Strength of Marble Under Confining Pressure and the Size of Griffith Inclusion Mohamed I. Sayed AHMED, Hitoshi KOIDE and Kazuo INAMI (477-496) 28-07_04.pdf(5,919KB)
Heavy Minerals in the Neogene Shimajiri Group, Okinawa Island Yoshiaki SATO and Taisuke SUZUKI (497-502) 28-07_05.pdf(7,998KB)