Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.27 No.3 (1976)

Table of Contents

Numerical Analysis of Faulting in the Course of Block Deformation – (1) Effect of width of the basement block on faulting near the earth's surface – Kisaburo KODAMA, Susumu HONDA, Hitoshi FUJITA, Kiyoshi NITTA and Yasumoto SUZUKI (123-134) 27-03_01.pdf(2,580KB)
Geophysical Study of South Kyushu Based on Analyses of Geomagnetic and Gravitational Anomalies Shiro WATANABE (135-154) 27-03_02.pdf(5,326KB)
Measurements of Physical Properties for Geochemical Rock Standards GSJ JG-1 and JB-1 Susumu IIZUKA and Kazuo INAMI (155-165) 27-03_03.pdf(3,489KB)
[ Notes ] (167-173) 27-03_04.pdf(857KB)
[ Notes ]
Information of new arrival foreign documents
(175-183) 27-03_05.pdf(1,258KB)
Correction of Text 27-03_C.pdf(405KB)