Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.25 No.2 (1974)

Table of Contents

Deformation of the Base-line Nets around the Kitatake and the Enmeiji Faults, South Kanto District Kazuo IWASAKI, Kazuyasu KATSUME, Yoshinori MIYAZAWA and Eizo MATSUDA (45-74) 25-02_01.pdf(5,778KB)
Frequency Distribution of Faults in Respect to Throw, with Special Reference to Crustal Deformations and Seismicities (Preliminary Note) Toshihiro KAKIMI and Kisaburo KODAMA (75-87) 25-02_02.pdf(1,405KB)
Fault Models Based on an Extended Griffth's Theory Hitoshi KOIDE, Kazuo HOSHINO and Kazuo INAMI (89-103) 25-02_03.pdf(4,383KB)