Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.24 No.11 (1973)

Table of Contents

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On the Intensity Changes of Basal Reflections with Relation to Barium Content in Manganoan Phlogopites and Kinoshitalite Morimasa YOSHII, Yukio TOGASHI and Kenjiro MAEDA (543-550) 24-11_01.pdf(1,702KB)
K-Ar Ages of Gravels of Orthoquartzite and Gneiss from the Muro Group Ken SHIBATA and Tamotsu NOZAWA (551-553) 24-11_02.pdf(395KB)
Study on Volcanism in Jozankei Green Tuff Region Based on the Investigation of Bottom Surfaces of Some Volcanic Rocks Kenji OKABE (555-562) 24-11_03.pdf(6,044KB)
[ Notes ] (563-588) 24-11_04.pdf(4,139KB)
[ Notes ]
Information of new arrival foreign documents
(589-596) 24-11_05.pdf(4,794KB)