Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.24 No.5 (1973)

Table of Contents

A Manganese Dioxide Mineral in the Tsunozu Formation of Plio-Pleistocene Age in Yunotsu Town, Shimane Prefecture, Japan Hideo INOUE, Morimasa YOSHII and Shigeru TERASHIMA (217-221) 24-05_01.pdf(4,886KB)
Nambulite, a New Mineral, from the Funakozawa Mine, Iwate Prefecture, Northern Japan Morimasa YOSHII, Yoshikazu AOKI and Kenjiro MAEDA (223-231) 24-05_02.pdf(1,972KB)
Contents of Na2O and K2O in Mudstones of the Toyoma Facies of Permian Age in the Southern Kitakami Mountains Masato KATADA, Nobukazu KAMBE and Ei OHMORI (233-242) 24-05_03.pdf(1,063KB)
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Shigemoto TOKUNAGA (243-248) 24-05_04.pdf(520KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (249-259) 24-05_05.pdf(3,213KB)
Correction of Text 24-05_C.pdf(453KB)