Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.24 No.1 (1973)

Table of Contents

Marine Geologic Researches Performed at the Area Adjacent to the South Coast of Suo-nada (West Part of the Inland Sea of Japan) Nobuyuki OBARA, Teruo AIHARA, Takao KANAI and Isao TAKASHIMA (1-24) 24-01_01.pdf(5,279KB)
A Brief Aspect from the Viewpoint of Geology as well as Stability Researches with Regard to the Subsurface Ground over the Littoral Plain, Developing along the Southern Shore of Suo-nada Akira UNOZAWA and Takaaki ANDO (25-40) 24-01_02.pdf(1,889KB)
Contributions to the Subterranean Geologic Structure Covering Bungo Coastal Plain and the Adjoining Offshore Area under Suo-nada (Chiefly on the Side of Oita Prefecture) Kazue WATANABE (41-47) 24-01_03.pdf(8,943KB)
Tab.1 24-01_03-Tab.1.pdf(4,964KB)
Continuous Seismic Profiling at the Southern Part of Suo-nada Masayoshi MUROZUMI (49-58) 24-01_04.pdf(4,826KB)