Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.23 No.11 (1972)

Table of Contents

Paleozoic Formation in the Matsumae Peninsula, Hokkaido, and the Occurrence of Conodonts from the Southern Part of the Oshima Peninsula, Hokkaido Takashi YOSHIDA and Chie AOKI (635-646) 23-11_01.pdf(3,643KB)
Measurement on Injecting Well for Wasting Hot Water in the Hachimantai Geothermal Area, Northeast of Honshu Kenzo BABA, Shin'ichiro TAKAKI and Shin'ichi TANAKA (647-654) 23-11_02.pdf(881KB)
Paleocurrent Direction of the Choshi Formation (Early Cretaseous) in the Choshi Peninsula, Chiba Prefecture, Japan Haruo NAGAHAMA (655-663) 23-11_03.pdf(12,271KB)
Pottery Stone Deposits in the Hasami District, Nagasaki Prefecture Taneaki HARADA and Nobuyuki KIYOSHIMA (665-672) 23-11_04.pdf(1,102KB)
[ Notes ] (673-695) 23-11_05.pdf (2,549KB)