Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.22 No.5 (1971)

Table of Contents

Exploration for Helium Resources in the Yubari District of the Ishikari Coal Field, Hokkaido Shin'ichi MAKI, Shozo NAGATA, Takeshi KOMA and Takabumi NEMOTO (227-243) 22-05_01.pdf(5,170KB)
Determination of Cobalt, Chromium, Copper, Lithium, Nickel, Lead, Strontium and Zinc in Silicates by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Shigeru TERASHIMA (245-259) 22-05_02.pdf(1,440KB)
Geochemical Studies on the Organic Matter in the Jurassic Limestone in the Vicinity of Kashima-machi, Fukushima-ken, Northeast Japan (1) – Organic Carbon, Organic Nitrogen and Hydrocarbons – Minako WATANABE and Toshio IGARASHI (261-272) 22-05_03.pdf(4,034KB)
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Information of new arrival foreign documents
(273-288) 22-05_04.pdf(1,596KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1971.2.12) (289-292) 22-05_05.pdf(1,946KB)
Correction of Text 22-05_C.pdf(407KB)