Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.22 No.4 (1971)

Table of Contents

On the Mercury Ore Deposits and Ores of Ryushoden Mine, Hokkaido Japan (1) Fumio KISHIMOTO (161-171) 22-04_01.pdf(9,653KB)
Studies on the Presumable Source Rocks of Helium – An Example in Hikawa Natural Gas Field, Shimane-ken, Southwest Japan – Koji MOTOJIMA (173-177) 22-04_02.pdf(608KB)
Topographic Investigations for Debris Flows Occurred by the Heavy Rain in Ashiwada-mura District Shigefumi OKA and Shigeru KATSURAJIMA (179-220) 22-04_03.pdf(7,548KB)
Fig.11 22-04_03-Fig.11.pdf(2,578KB)
Fig.18 22-04_03-Fig.18.pdf(531KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1971.1.14) (221-224) 22-04_04.pdf(1,063KB)