Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.20 No.9 (1969)

Table of Contents

Determination of Iron in the Silicate Rocks and in the Terrestrial Water by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Shigeru TERASHIMA (555-566) 20-09_01.pdf(1,431KB)
Stratigraphical Studies on the Kumaishi Area, Southwestern Hokkaido Mitsuo HATA and Konroku TSUSHIMA (567-578) 20-09_02.pdf(1,223KB)
Fig.1 20-09_02-Fig.1.pdf(1,329KB)
[ Summary ]
Radiometric Survey at the Southern Foot of Mt. Obora, Mie Prefecture
Hiroshi MATSUI and Koji MIMURA (579-589) 20-09_03.pdf(1,885KB)
[ Notes ] (589-631) 20-09_04.pdf(4,369KB)