Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.20 No.7 (1969)

Table of Contents

TitleAuthor PDF
Chemical Characteristics of River Water in the Eastern Part of Shimane Prefecture –with special emphasis on cause of uranium anomaly– Shunso ISHIHARA and Tsunekazu MOCHIZUKI (435-448) 20-07_01.pdf(1,882KB)
On Seismic Waves Generated by Explosions (2) –Relations between the maximum amplitude and charge amounts or explosion conditions– Susumu IIZUKA (449-461) 20-07_02.pdf(6,756KB)
On the Chemical Composition of Bottom Sediments from Lake Shinji and Lake Naka-umi, West Japan (Studies on the chemical composition of sedimentary rocks, 2nd Report) Ei OMORI (463-479) 20-07_03.pdf(1,614KB)
[ Notes ] (481-490) 20-07_04.pdf(1,188KB)